Internet over CATV network mainly using EOC system

Koneksi Sistem EOC

Feature and Advantages:

  • Adopt HomePlug BPL, HomePIug AV,IEEE P1901、HomePNA and DECO standard, use HFC frequency below 65MHzto develop data access.
  • High anti-interference capacity and low reliability to network transmission capacity
  • The transmission rate capacity of each main module is higher than that of CMTS, but the cost of every MHz bandwidth is 100 times lower.
  • Use present HFC coaxial indoor TV network, no need to build new network and make the second indoor cabling project.
  • User CNU need not configuration, PnP.
  • Broad application dynamic range which can suit for various quality networks to develop business very quickly.
  • Mature headend and CNU equipment technique, low cost.
  • Fast and easy construction, little line maintenance.
  • Perfect VLAN/VLAN priority number and remote upgrade function.
  • Module design.


System application:

The main business of CATV network is still video program transmission. Meanwhile the current HFC network provides video program, optical fiber link adopts optical fiber transceiver, ONU or other optical switch, coaxial cable link adopts EoC advice to realize data signal transmission, in order to realize to PC via HFC as well as develop data business by low coast.

  • EoC+ONU
  • EoC+Optical fiber transceiver
  • Optical network base Network Management Software Function
    Configuration management
    Service openingn
    Open/Close service portn
    Control bandwidth and user priorityn
    Timed configuration back-upn
    Remote system updaten
    Safety management
    Calls VLANn
    8th level VLAN priority and QoS setupn
    Data service encryptionn
    Port Isolationn
    Management account controln
    PC number limitn
    Failure management
    Lines and equipment failure monitoringn
    Failure alarmn
    Channel monitoring, state monitoringn
    Performance management
    FE port flown
    FE port fault-package and package-dropout statisticn
    Communication mass detectionn
    WEB&SNMP management software
    Landing rights managementn
    Function menu clickn
    Real-time port flow displayn
    White list display and add authorized usersn
    Select authorized users working template, display and modify user name and addressn


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