GC 1808


GC‐1808S Features:

  • Up to 8 channels of DVB‐S/S2 reception and demodulation
  • z MPTS/SPTS over IP output, maximum 512 transport streams outputs over the 100/1000Base‐T

GC‐1808M Features:

  • Up to 8 channels of DVB‐S/S2 (or DVB‐C QAM) reception and demodulation
  • Supports transport stream multiplexing, PSI/SI processing
  • Optional up to four DVB SimulCrypt CAs and DVB‐CSA scrambling
  • Supports up to 3Mbps of EMM bandwidth and scrambling up to 256 programs
  • SNMP‐based management
  • MPTS/SPTS over IP output, Maximum 14 transport streams output over the 100/1000Base‐T interface

Common Features:

  • Supports two ASI outputs
  • Supports SD and HD programs, PID mapping
  • Real‐time bit rate statistics and program information analysis
  • Easy‐to‐use Web browser management for convenient local and remote management and control
  • Front panel control and LCD display
  • Auto‐save of user configuration for the recovery of previous working status
  • Supports device configuration import/export
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